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Letter to the editor - Feb. 6


February 6, 2019

Drug price solution already there

Technically speaking, the solution to lower drug prices is about as complicated as figuring out 2 plus 2 equals 4 not 3 or 5.

The big road block to the simple solution is $$$$$$$$$.

The interests that benefit from the current system spend freely to protect the status quo. The return on their investment is huge and never ending.

Prohibiting Medicare from negotiating prices started the ball rolling. Manufacturers shop world wide to get the best deal for the various parts and labor needed for their product. Why not the same thing for prescriptions?

Opening up pharmaceuticals to free market would help millions of people and would shake up the status quo.

The same thing could apply to medical devices. If a U.S. supplier wanted $500 for an item, it might be available in Europe for $50. The pharmaceutical industry said the bills “would wreak havoc on the U.S. healthcare system.” The U.S. healthcare system right now is a joke compared to other economically developed countries. Far more expensive and a mediocre rating.

The pharmaceutical industry claims it spends so much on research the prices are necessary. The truth is it spends as much on advertising as research.

Basically what is needed to correct our healthcare system is to logically look at the causes and correct them logically, no ideology involved.

Numerous studies have been made and the facts are known, several countries have instituted some and the results are there.

Leon Logan



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