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Jail log - June 19

These individuals were booked into the Quay County Detention Center from June 10 to June 16:

• Pete Eric Baca, 55, Tucumcari, larceny ($250 or less).

• Seth A. Chavez, 31, Tucumcari, contempt of court.

• Frankie Martinez, 22, Tucumcari, distribution of marijuana.

• Nicholas Matthew Aragon, 26, Tucumcari, residential burglary, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery (no great bodily harm) and larceny ($100 or less).

• Angel Christopher Griego Jr., 26, parole violation.

• Simon Romero, 61, aggravated assault upon a peace officer with a deadly weapon and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer (service of process).

• Louis Engel, 35, Tucumcari, municipal charge (not listed).

• Mark Vernon Lawrence, 36, Logan, battery against a household member.

• Marie Jovan Terrazas, 22, Tucumcari, contempt of court.

• Jeanne Marie Benavidez, 36, Tucumcari, warrant from other counties or states.

• Ramon Celeo Gomez, 41, Conchas Dam, shoplifting ($250 or less).

• Matthew Howell, 28, Tucumcari, breaking and entering, battery against a household member, criminal trespass (damage) and criminal trespass (unposted).

• Sonny Wayne McKinney, 56, Tucumcari, felony possession of a controlled substance (narcotic drug) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Jesus Robles, 39, Grand Junction, Colorado, making a false report and abuse of 911 calling.

These individuals were released from the Quay County Detention Center from June 10 to June 14:

• Toby Steve Apodaca, 50, Tucumcari, court ordered.

• Jeanne Marie Benavidez, 36, Tucumcari, court ordered.

• Patricia Pierce, 38, North Little Rock, Arkansas, transfer to another facility.

• Pete Eric Baca, 55, Tucumcari, own recognizance.

• Carmel Christopher Jasper, 71, to out-of-state authority.

• Andrew Isaac Martinez, 32, Tucumcari, bond.

• Frankie Martinez, 22, Tucumcari, bail or bond.

• Johnathan James Martinez, 26, Tucumcari, to other jail.

• Allen Roy McKinney, 52, Tucumcari, bail or bond.

• Jackson Douglas Talvitie, 40, bond.

• Seth A. Chavez, 31, Tucumcari, bail or bond.

• Michael Lucero, 47, Tucumcari, bail or bond.

• Simon Romero, 61, Tucumcari, bail or bond.

• James Woodward, 33, Tucumcari, time served.

• Andrew Morris Angel, 42, Tucumcari, release by court order.

• Louis Engel, 35, Tucumcari, bail or bond.