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1969: City attorney Robert Rowley brought to attention to the Tucumcari City Commission that certain licensees have been or may be contemplating the Sunday sale of alcoholic beverages and that such sales are prohibited by city ordinance. Rowley said until the New Mexico Supreme Court rules otherwise, Tucumcari’s ban of alcohol sales between 2 a.m. Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday remains valid and in effect.

• Kay Terry, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Terry, last month finished 10th in the National Water Skiing Championships in Berkeley, California, after finishing third in a six-state regional competition. Kay teaches water skiing at Ute Lake in Logan during the summer and will be sa ophomore this fall at Eastern New Mexico University.

• The Odeon Theatre advertised the screening of Walt Disney Productions’ “The Love Bug.” “You’ll love Herbie, the incredible little car!” the ad stated.

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