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Letter to the editor - Sept. 4


September 4, 2019

Vote with your faith, conscience

NBA legend Bob Cousy got the Medal of Freedom Award from President Trump.

Now, Cousy offers an “assist” to Trump by saying he will vote for him in 2020 because he has racked up significant accomplishments.

Trump signed an order to forgive student loan debt to about 25,000 disabled veterans. He has unwavering support for our wounded warriors and our troops.

Trump says we cannot let those killed in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, die in vain. He wants to get strong background checks. He doesn’t want to take away Second Amendment rights, but wants to keep guns away from people unfit to own them.

Trump wants to scrap the 20-day limit on keeping migrant kids in detention. This rule can be implemented humanely by setting standards for detention centers. This will ensure some order with immigration vetting and processing.

Almost 475,000 families crossed the border in the last 10 months (says Homeland Security Sec. Kevin McAleenan). Journalist Paul Bedard reports, “Over the last 20 years groups such as MS-13 have surged, first in urban areas and recently into rural communities, and drug and human trafficking have also increased over the US-Mexico border.”

Wall construction is under way in California.

The economy has added millions of jobs, and manufacturing is having an increase, also. Not only are wages growing but the slow growth in consumer prices means American workers’ dollars are going further.

In the last presidential election, 25 million God-fearing people did not vote. Dennis Prager says God gave us this unique country with justice and freedom and we are going to throw it away to the radical left by not voting.

Go to myfaithvotes.com and listen to Prager. Vote for candidates who support the pro-life, hardworking people of integrity in America.

Tracy Gates



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