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September 2, 2020

On this date ...

1970: Inaugural ceremonies were held at Tucumcari Municipal Airport for Trans Central Airline’s first flight from the airport. Stephen Yohn and Mrs. L.C. Strawn were the first passengers to board the plane and received a red-carpet treatment. Yohn and Strawn were taking a flight to Albuquerque, then a connecting flight to Sacramento, California.

• The Canal Drive-In theatre in Tucumcari advertised two Spanish-language films: “Blue Demon vs. Cerebros Infernalas” and “La Valentina.” The former’s plot had a wrestling hero helping the police battle against a mad doctor and his army of female zombies. In “La Valentina,” a smuggler is ordered to kidnap a beautiful revolutionary woman for a federal captain.

• Gibson’s Discount Center in Tucumcari advertised a one-pound package of Swift’s premium bacon for 67 cents. The Dairy Queen advertised banana splits for 39 cents.


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