Boaters participate in lake parade supporting Trump


September 9, 2020

Courtesy photo: David Crook

Two watercraft lead a Trump boat parade Saturday on Ute Lake in Logan as other boats participate in the background. Nearly 100 boats took part.

Nearly 100 boaters participated Saturday in a boat parade on Ute Lake in Logan to show their support for President Trump - one of many such water rallies held across the country during the Labor Day weekend.

The parade began about midday from Houseboat Cove on the lake's south side with boats decorated with American flags and flags showing support for President Donald Trump, who seeks re-election in November.

David Crook of Logan said as the parade progressed, boats were lined up from the southern part of the lake to the north edge.

One flag-waving participant was shown in a video posted on social media hovering high above the lake's surface in a hoverboard, a modified jet ski.

Crook said he enjoyed the event.

"It was a congenial and very friendly atmosphere with patriotic music and horns as the parade passed by towards the state park and after one round of circling the lake," he said in an email. "Each boat followed COVID-19 guidelines with a minimum of 6 to 10 feet distance between boats.

"... It truly was a spectacular sight to see so many boats patriotically decorated for Labor Day weekend and the upcoming election. That had to be the largest amount of boats we've seen on Ute Lake this season," Crook added.

The parade lasted about an hour.

Crook said none of the boaters on Ute Lake encountered issues during the parade. That was a far cry from another Trump boat parade Saturday on Lake Travis in Texas, when five boats sank.

The Travis County, Texas, sheriff's office stated it received 15 distress calls about boats on Lake Travis taking on water, stalled engines, capsized boats and boats sinking. It also received three other reports of boats taking on water from a local towing company, according to a news release Sunday.

Three boats were towed, and two remain submerged, the sheriff's office said. No injuries were reported, and officials did not find any evidence of foul play.

Trump boat parades also were held over the Labor Day weekend in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia, New York, Iowa, California, Virginia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, North Dakota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and District of Columbia.


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