By Michael Reagan
Syndicated columnist 

China should pay price for virus


November 18, 2020

Our politicians and leaders still don’t get it.

They don’t seem to understand — or care — that China has already declared World War III.

The Communist Party thugs who rule China with a heavy hand didn’t have to invade Japan or drop an A-bomb on anybody.

They just had to drop a deadly virus on the world.

We know the coronavirus came from Wuhan, China. In my opinion, it was put out into the world deliberately, not by accident.

In any case, the China pandemic has killed more than a million people around the globe and more than 240,000 Americans.

Efforts by governments to defeat it with strict lockdowns have destroyed the economies and social life of dozens of countries, closed schools and thrown tens of millions of people out of work.

Now, because cases of new COVID-19 infections have been spiking, Emperors Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom are telling us idiotic things like we can’t have more than three families come to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Meanwhile, president-elect Joe Biden and the authoritarian disease experts advising him are threatening us with a national mask mandate and a six-week national lockdown next year.

The China Virus — more correctly, the strict, arbitrary and often un-scientific war waged against it by power-mad Democrat politicians and their public health czars — has already done us serious damage.

People are stressed and spooked out of their minds. Businesses are bankrupt. Schools are closed. Suicides are rising. So are opioid deaths.

It’s especially heartbreaking to watch what’s happening to the lives of our kids — who are virtually at no risk from COVID-19.

Toddlers growing up in a masked and frightened world without seeing the faces and smiles of their neighbors. Teenagers stuck in their bedrooms. College students deprived of their fun.

The people of America and the world are suffering and dying from the Wuhan virus and the lockdowns, but China is paying no price for its global crime against humanity.

Does China really have such a hold on corporations, governments and politicians around the world and in the United States that everyone is afraid to hold them accountable?

Is any U.S. president ever going to stand up to China? President Trump hasn’t really punished China for unleashing a deadly plague on the world. And don’t count on Joe Biden. He’s been the best friend the communist Chinese government has had in Washington for decades.

In the face of our country’s weakness, China is only going to get more aggressive.

It’s time for an “Evil Empire” speech like the one my father gave when he went to the border of the USSR and told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

We need someone like Ronald Reagan to make a tough speech on the border of China that says the Chinese people are fine, but the communists running their government are evil and they need to pay a price for their evildoing.

It’s a good thing I’m not president, because I would have used a drone to obliterate that building in Wuhan where the coronavirus was created months ago.

I wouldn’t care if Nancy Pelosi impeached me. In fact, I’d accept it with honors.

Michael Reagan is the president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. Contact him at:


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