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Quay reports five cases

The New Mexico Department of Health on Sunday reported five confirmed cases of coronavirus in Quay County.

Four of the cases were reported in the Tucumcari ZIP code, with one in the Logan ZIP code.

Three females and two males were infected in the county. The breakdown by age is two age 10 to 19, one age 40 to 49, one age 60 to 69 and one age 70 to 79.

On Monday, one case was reported in the Tucumcari ZIP code in a girl age 10 to 19.

Quay County continues to see an elevated rate of COVID-19 cases in December, with 63 so far. A total of 140 cases were reported in the county in November.

The total number of cases in the county rose to 311, with five deaths. A total of 111 people in the county have been deemed by the state as recovered from the virus.

The latest breakdown by ZIP code since the pandemic began is 239 in Tucumcari, 47 in Logan, seven in House, six in San Jon, four in McAlister, three in Nara Visa, two in Bard and one in Grady (part of the ZIP code extends into the county).

According to the state’s COVID-19 rapid-response database, these confirmed cases were reported to in Quay County in the past week:

• Quay County Family Health Center of Tucumcari, one case reported Dec. 7;

• Tucumcari Public Schools, one case reported Dec. 8;

• Logan Municipal Schools, two cases reported Wednesday;

• Subway of Tucumcari, one case reported Thursday;

• New Mexico Department of Transportation, District 4, of Tucumcari, one case each reported Dec. 7 and Thursday;

• Mesalands Community College, one case each reported Dec. 8 and Friday;

• City of Tucumcari, one case each reported Dec. 8 and Friday.

A typical rapid response consists of isolating positive cases, quarantining close contacts for 14 days, ceasing operations to the extent necessary to isolate affected areas, disinfecting these areas, implementing safety procedures and resuming operations. Typically, operations are ceased for fewer than 24 hours before it is safe to reopen.

In the state, the DOH reported 1,507 cases on Monday. The total number in New Mexico since the pandemic began rose to more than 121,000.

A total of 21 deaths were reported Monday in New Mexico, raising the total to 1,978.

A total of 860 people in the state were hospitalized with the disease Monday, a decrease of 18 from the previous day.

The Amarillo area reported on Monday almost 6,900 active cases of the disease, with a 30.6% hospitalization rate. The number of active cases dropped by about 100.

In the U.S., more than 16.4 million confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported through Monday since the pandemic began, with more than 300,000 deaths.