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Two cases of apparent contraband smuggling reported

Two cases of apparent contraband smuggling by inmates were reported last week in the Quay County Detention Center.

According to reports from the sheriff’s office, a jail officer informed a deputy that inmate Marc Hazleton had smuggled tobacco and suboxone, a prescription drug often used in opiate addiction, into the jail on May 3.

A balloon with the substances inside had been recovered in Hazelton’s cell by officers during a shakedown after they smelled cigarette smoke coming from one of the jail pods. One of the officers saw Hazelton trying to conceal the suboxone in his hand during a search.

Another strip of suboxone was found in another cell. The inmate told a sheriff’s deputy that Kalember had given him the drug.

Hazelton was charged with one count of distributing narcotics and one count of bringing contraband into a jail.

Later that morning, a jail officer found during a search of the women’s pods a black container in the toilet of Adrianna Romero’s cell containing a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. An assistant district attorney said she would charge Romero with possession of a controlled substance.

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