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Menus - Sept. 8

The Tucumcari Senior Center and Logan Senior Center also offer grab-and-go meals to those who qualify. Those interested should call the Tucumcari facility at 461-2307 or the Logan facility at 487-2287 for more information.

Tucumcari schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Raspberry yogurt, granola, fresh banana, 100% orange juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Chicken taco salad, turkey and cheese hoagie, cucumber, fresh orange, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Super Donut, applesauce cup, 100% grape juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Grilled chicken patty, turkey and cheese sandwich, garden salad, steamed broccoli, green grapes, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk.

Friday — Breakfast: Apple frudel, fresh apple, 100% orange juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Cheeseburger, tater tots, romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, dill pickle chip, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, fresh watermelon, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk.

Monday — No information available.

Tuesday — No information available.

Tucumcari Senior Center

Wednesday — Turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, buttered peas and carrots, tapioca pudding.

Thursday — Lasagna, honey glazed carrots, garlic bread, orange, oatmeal cookie.

Friday — Chicken salad sandwich, macaroni salad, crackers, apricots.

Monday — Pork ribs, corn, broccoli, whole-wheat bread, cookie.

Tuesday — Green chile hamburger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions and pickles, ranch beans, onion rings, applesauce.

Logan schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Omelets, cereal choice, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Cranberry turkey wrap, romaine salad, veggie dippers, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy, cereal choice, yogurt, juice, milk; Lunch: Goulash, cowboy baked beans, green beans, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Berry parfait, cereal choice, juice, milk; Lunch: Quick quesadilla with grilled chicken, garden salad, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Muffins, cereal choice, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Corn dogs, cowboy beans, Texas caviar, mac ‘n’ cheese, fruit, milk.

Logan Senior Center

Wednesday — Baked pork chop, stuffing, Parmesan potato rounds, cabbage, cottage cheese and peaches.

Thursday — Catfish nuggets, creamy coleslaw, tater tots, cantaloupe, whole-wheat roll, cobbler.

Friday — Chicken sandwich, celery sticks, tater tots, cottage cheese, peaches.

Monday — Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, California vegetables, biscuit with margarine, strawberries and bananas.

Tuesday — Open face turkey sandwich, sweet potato, cauliflower, cornbread with margarine, pudding.

San Jon schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Pancake and syrup, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Beef stroganoff, pears, rolls, fruit, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Sausage biscuits, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Meatballs, scalloped potatoes, green beans, fruit, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Ham and cheese croissants, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Tater tots, corn dogs, baked beans, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Yogurt and muffins, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Chicken tacos with lettuce and tomato, pinto beans, fruit, milk.

House schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Cinnamon toast, hash browns, cereal, pears, milk; Lunch: Chicken fajitas, celery, salad bar, peaches, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Pancake on a stick, cereal, mandarin orange, milk, juice; Lunch: Hot dog, green beans, strawberries, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Muffins, cereal, breakfast bar, pineapple chunks, milk, juice; Lunch: Chicken wrap, salad bar, carrot sticks, strawberries, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Quesadilla, cereal, peaches, milk, juice; Lunch: Taquitas, pinto beans, strawberries, milk.

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