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San Jon school boss files for trustee position

The superintendent of San Jon Municipal Schools last week filed as a write-in candidate for one of two open positions on the village’s board of trustees for the Nov. 3 election.

Another candidate filed as a write-in for an open position on Mesalands Community College board of trustees, and one candidate each withdrew from Logan Village Board and San Jon school board races.

Janet Gladu, who has been the San Jon school district’s superintendent since mid-2018, filed as a write-in Aug. 31 at the Quay County Clerk’s Office after no candidates filed for the San Jon board during the initial filing date of Aug. 24.

Gladu stated in an email Wednesday she decided to file after discussing the situation with her husband.

“As Tim and I discussed the open seats on the village board, I felt this would be a way for me to give back to our community and hopefully draw further connections between the school and San Jon,” she wrote. “I am excited about the possibility of working with the Village of San Jon and their governing body while also serving as their school's superintendent.”

Gladu is unopposed for the seat that comes with a four-year term. The village board will have to appoint someone to fill the other open seat after the November election.

Robin Burns Alden, a special education director at House Municipal Schools, also filed as a write-in candidate for District 5 on the Mesalands board, which drew no candidate during the initial filing date.

“It is very important for educators to be involved in the community and to be a part of the Mesalands Board,” Alden wrote in an email. “I have previously worked at a community college so I do understand how the policies and procedures of the college work. I am also involved both as a teacher and in an administrative capacity in the public school system.”

Tom Humble previously filed as a candidate for Position 1 councilor on the Village of Logan and filed for re-election for Logan school board’s Position 5.

Humble last week withdrew his candidacy for the village board, which already had two candidates — Jai Courtney and Brian Michael Cox.

Humble apparently will concentrate instead on winning another four-year term on the school board. He faces Toby Jon Willis as his opponent.

Current San Jon school board member Pam Slater withdrew her candidacy for re-election for Position 4 last week.

Jeremy Wade Allen, who was her challenger for the post, now will be unopposed for a four-year term.

Humble and Slater did not respond to emails requesting comment.

Local candidates for Nov. 2 election

(Terms are for four years unless otherwise noted.)

City of Tucumcari

District 4 — Christopher Wallace Arias (incumbent)

District 5 — Michael W. Cherry

Municipal judge — Tommy L. Snapp, Willis J. Hendrickson Jr. and Christopher Maestas

Tucumcari Municipal Schools

District 2 — Jerry Joe Lopez (incumbent)

District 3 — Robert L. Lucero and Cassie R. Huffman

Village of Logan

Position 1 councilor — Jai Courtney and Brian Michael Cox

Position 2 councilor — David Shivers (incumbent)

Logan Municipal Schools

Position 4 — William Scott Osborn (incumbent)

Position 5 — Tom S. Humble (incumbent) and Toby Jon Willis

Village of San Jon

Two trustees — Janet Gladu and no filing

San Jon Municipal Schools

Position 1 — Franklin Gibson (incumbent)

Position 3 — Cynthia Lee (incumbent)

Position 4 — Jeremy Wade Allen

Village of House

Mayor — Joe M. Patton and Evan Susan Harding

Two councilors — Steven Edward Foust, Matthew Wayne Cramblet, Anita M. Allen, Danny Joe Dodd, Destiny M. Dodd and Cathy A. Ray

Councilor (two-year term) — Ronald W. McGee (incumbent) and John D. Snipes

House Municipal Schools

Position 1 — Calvin Downey (incumbent) and Randall Blake Lee

Position 2 — Stoney Shoemaker and Lori A. Foust

Mesalands Community College

District 1 (six-year term) — James P. Streetman (incumbent)

District 3 (six-year term) — Maria T. Stephenson (incumbent)

District 4 (four-year term) — Thomas J. Sidwell (incumbent)

District 5 (six-year term) — Robin Burns Alden

Grady Municipal Schools

Position 4 — Colten Lane Grau (incumbent)

Position 5 — Phillip Joe Borden (incumbent)

Melrose Municipal Schools

Position 4 — Tyler W. Belcher (incumbent)

Position 5 — Larry D. Devaney (incumbent)

Canadian River Soil and Water Conservation District

Position 3 — Tonya Hodges (incumbent)

Position 4 — David Franklin Garnett (incumbent)

Southwest Quay Soil and Water Conservation District

Position 3 — Lisa Lynn Runyan (incumbent)

Position 4 — no filing