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Letter to the editor - Oct. 20

Governor should join in making proclamation

Since 1955, U.S. presidents have proclaimed Sept. 17-23 as Constitution Week, a time to remind all Americans of the important part the Constitution plays in our daily lives. It is a week set aside to read, study and learn about our Constitution that millions have taken the oath to defend. It is also requested that governors of all 50 states issue a state proclamation in support of the Constitution.

In 2020, a request was made for a proclamation from New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. The response from the Governor’s office was “our policy prefers proclamations focused on a New Mexico issue. As this is a national issue, a federal proclamation will be more appropriate.” What a surprise to learn that our state was not a part of the Union, and it is not important to our citizens.

In 2021, response to another request read, “The requests for proclamations are sincere and heartfelt; it is difficult to pick and choose among so many worthy organizations and causes.” What does that say about our state, or are we no longer a part of the United States?

This is an issue with the Governor’s Office of which the people of our state need to be aware.

Gloria (Gi Gi) Parker


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