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By Ron Warnick
QCS Senior Writer 

Logan EMT, firefighter wanted in Texas


January 26, 2022

Potter County, Texas, has issued an arrest warrant for a volunteer firefighter and EMT in Logan accused of groping a 17-year-old girl in an Amarillo hotel room last summer. The alleged victim also filed an order of protection in Quay County against him that doesn’t expire until August.

Brian Cox, 38, of Logan is wanted on a charge of indecent assault, a misdemeanor, after an investigation by Amarillo police in July. Potter County issued the warrant on Dec. 3, court records show.

Cox said Thursday he was unaware of the Texas warrant.

“I’ve never been charged with nothing,” he said. “It’s hard to be charged with something when I’m standing in Logan, New Mexico. It’s innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.”

He acknowledged the order of protection against him.

“I’m not denying it, but I’m not saying it did happen, either,” he said. “I’m being falsely accused of something.”

Village administrator Scott Parnell issued a statement about Cox on Friday.

“This is a personnel matter and the individual in question is taking a leave of absence effective immediately from the Village of Logan Fire and EMS departments pending the outcome of any criminal actions in any jurisdiction,” Parnell wrote in an email.

Logan Police Chief Rodney Paris said Thursday in a phone interview his department cannot extradite Cox to Texas, but noted the warrant does not expire.

“If we could, we would arrest him,” Paris said.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Potter County, the alleged offense occurred on July 12. It stated Amarillo police were sent to a hotel room where a girl said she was inappropriately touched by a man there. The girl said she traveled from Logan with Cox and they were sharing a hotel room.

She stated she was on the bed with her phone when Cox touched her inappropriately and made her touch his genitals with her hand.

The affidavit states “she did not want to do these things with Cox but did not stop Cox out of fear as she was only 17 years old and Cox was 38 years old.”

According to the affidavit, Cox told police he was on top of the girl. Cox was allowed to make a phone call to his wife, where an officer heard him tell her he had groped the girl’s breasts.

The alleged victim also filed an order of protection petition against Cox in Quay County District Court, accusing him of sexual assault in Amarillo.

According to the court hearing transcript, Cox said it was “never an assault” but was kissing and touching.

“I never was told to stop,” he said.

District Judge Albert Mitchell Jr. ruled there was an act of sexual assault.

“A 38-year-old with a 17-year-old is a problem,” he said.

Cox was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the girl and 25 yards away from her in public. He is forbidden to have guns. The order of protection remains in effect until Aug. 1.

The Quay County Sun does not routinely name sexual assault victims.


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