Serving the High Plains

Menus - Feb. 9

The Tucumcari Senior Center and Logan Senior Center also offer grab-and-go meals to those who qualify. Those interested should call the Tucumcari facility at 575-461-2307 or the Logan facility at 575-487-2287 for more information.

Tucumcari schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Bagel, cream cheese, craisins, orange juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich, pepperoni pizza, baby carrots, cauliflower, ranch dressing, frozen vegetable cup or Sunbelievables, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Whole-grain donut ring, chilled pears, orange juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Ham and cheese chef salad, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, country gravy, peas, garden salad, buttermilk ranch dressing, fruit cocktail.

Monday — Breakfast: Cinni mini, chilled pears, grape juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Ham and cheese chef salad, barbecued pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, creamy coleslaw, fresh apple, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Strawberry banana yogurt, granola, fresh banana, orange juice, skim or 1% milk; Lunch: Turkey and cheese sandwich, meatball sub, garden salad, ranch dressing, Italian vegetable blend, pears, skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk..

Tucumcari Senior Center

Wednesday — Hot ham sandwich, lima beans, broccoli, cottage cheese, peaches.

Thursday — Pepper steak, baked potato, California vegetables, dinner roll, Jell-O.

Friday — Baked pork chop, brown rice, buttered spinach, whole wheat bread, applesauce.

Monday — Fideos con carne, mixed vegetables, flour tortilla, sugar cookie.

Tuesday — Pork stew, tossed salad, squash, cornbread, apricots.

Logan schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy, cereal, fruit, milk, juice; Lunch: Enchiladas, beans, rice, salsa, fruit, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Egg, tortilla, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Grilled cheese, chicken noodle or tomato soup, cold veggies, fruit, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Biscuits with jelly, cereal, fruit, milk, juice; Lunch: Soft tacos, bean and rice, cold veggies, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Yogurt with fruit, cereal, milk, juice; Lunch: Hamburger or cheeseburger, garnish, chips, fruit, milk.

Logan Senior Center

Wednesday — Bean burrito, Spanish rice, salad with dressing, salsa corn, spiced apples.

Thursday — Italian pork chops, broccoli with cheese, mixed vegetables, whole-wheat roll with butter, cottage cheese with peaches.

Friday — Barbecued beef sandwich, pickle and onion slices, pasta salad, green beans, cookie.

Monday — Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy, Brussels sprouts, whole-wheat roll with butter, fruit.

Tuesday — Sweet and sour pork, steamed rice, Oriental vegetables, roll, fruit.

San Jon schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Pancake sausage on a stick, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Beef stroganoff, peas, rolls, fruit, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Oatmeal and toast, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Pizza, sweet potato fries, mixed salad, fruit, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Yogurt and muffins, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Hot dogs, chips,, blackeyed peas, fruit, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Sausage biscuit, fruit, juice, milk; Lunch: Lasagna, mixed salad, breadsticks, fruit, milk.

House schools

Wednesday — Breakfast: Burrito, fruit cocktail, juice, cereal, milk; Lunch: Hot dog, green beans, pears, milk.

Thursday — Breakfast: Breakfast bar, cereal, yogurt, pears, milk; Lunch: Bean burrito, carrots, pineapple chunks, milk.

Monday — Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls, cereal, yogurt, peaches, milk; Lunch: Chalupas, rice, corn, peaches, milk.

Tuesday — Breakfast: Pancakes, cereal, pears, milk; Lunch: Meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, green beans, roll, pears, milk.