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1972: The Tucumcari-Quay County Chamber of Commerce Pinata Festival Committee urged all children planning to enter the Pinatamobile race to return their entry blanks. The grand prize for the soapbox derby-style race was a new bicycle for the speediest boy and girl.

This year’s Pinata Festival in early September will be dedicated to the multiple cultures of New Mexico. The festival committee is asking for participants to decorate themselves and their parade floats with the style of early settlers of whatever origin.

• City police arrested three men after they tried to skip town without paying for their meal at the Pow Wow Restaurant. Two of the suspects were wanted for robbery in Ohio. Another was arrested for defrauding an innkeeper.

• Three men were arrested in Quay County by New Mexico State Police after $72,000 worth of marijuana and LSD were found in their car.

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