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Bakery opens along Tucumcari's Route 66


March 29, 2023

Ron Warnick

Goodies Go Last co-owner Michael Carlson completes a transaction with customer Ashley Rivera on Thursday. The bakery in Tucumcari's Route 66 corridor opened for business last week.

About nine months after Carlson Coffee Co. began offering coffee and baked goods in downtown Tucumcari, its co-owners opened a bakery along the city's Route 66 corridor.

The Goodies Go Last bakery opened March 20 in the former Cornerstone's First Edition restaurant building at 711 E. Route 66 Blvd., which Michael and Christy Carlson purchased from previous owner Todd Duplantis.

Michael Carlson was asked Thursday what prompted him and his wife to buy the building and launch a bakery business.

"The need in the community for an actual bakery," he replied. "And we were limited in our previous space. We just wanted to get something going on the Boulevard with a variety of baked goods for the community."

Christy Carlson previously had set up a small bakery in downtown to supply goods for the coffeehouse and occasional outdoor booth. But that operation essentially was closed to the public.

Many of the same baked goods found at Carlson Coffee can be found at Goodies Go Last, along with a new line of various croissants - cream cheese and powdered sugar, almond, ham and Swiss, spinach and ricotta, pain du chocolate and plain.

The Goodies Go Last current lineup of croissants, breads and cookies were displayed on several tables on what was near Cornerstone's former checkout area.

Carlson said he was awaiting the arrival of two refrigerated cases to help him display more baked goods.

Goodies Go Last kept a few of the dining booths from the Cornerstone operation, and Carlson might add more if demand warrants it.

"A lot of our business is people picking up things to go," he said. "We will be getting into a full line of cakes and probably some pies."

He said he'll probably devote some space in the bakery to souvenirs, as well.

Carlson said hours at Goodies Go Last are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily for now, though he anticipates it will be from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. by summer.


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