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  • Legislative review process needed to check abuse

    Randy Pettigrew and Jim Townsend, Guest columnists|Dec 27, 2023

    One of the fundamental principles of our representative republic is the concept of “checks and balances” to ensure one branch of government does not dominate the other branches. While this concept has been an accepted component of governing throughout our country’s history, sadly, the concept is often forgotten among the halls of the Roundhouse. In far too many cases over the past five years, the Democrat-controlled Legislature has refused to take action to preserve the constitutional authority of the legislative branch and has allowed the gove...

  • Vote records should be easy to find

    Jim Townsend, Guest columnist|Aug 2, 2023

    Recently I was asked how I voted on a bill in the Legislature. I was interested in why that person, a friend of mine, didn’t already know! So, I sat down and explained how they can watch how I voted on any piece of legislation or how I voted on bills in the past and how they can monitor my votes going forward. Every voter should have immediate access to their representative and senator’s votes. The website is: www.nm Anyone can search any legislator’s votes on any bill before the House or Senate and with a little work you can see how...