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  • Standards about critical thinking

    Walt Rubel, Syndicated content|Nov 3, 2021

    A great nation is able to teach its history honestly, celebrating its triumphs and correcting its mistakes. That’s what the New Mexico Public Education Department is trying to accomplish with its proposed revision to the social studies standards. The 122-page plan lays out in fine detail what would be taught to students in social studies classes from kindergarten through high school. That’s one of my concerns. Dictating every detail from Santa Fe wouldn’t seem to leave much room for the teachers. The revision comes at a time when school distr...

  • NM will always have power imbalance

    Walt Rubel, Syndicated content|Oct 27, 2021

    State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg has apparently decided that if the weak and subservient New Mexico Legislature will not stand up for itself, he’ll do it for them. Eichenberg, who previously served in the state Senate, has written a court brief in support of a lawsuit filed by two senators, Republican Greg Baca and Democrat Jacob Candelaria, challenging the authority of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to spend federal relief money without going through the legislative process. This is the second time in the last few weeks that I’ve written about a ca...

  • Voting has power to shape decisions

    Walt Rubel, Syndicated content|Oct 13, 2021

    Every four years, Americans flock to the polls in droves to elect a new president. Last year, more than 155 million people cast their ballots, most of them just happy that the campaign was finally over, at least for a minute. Two years later, we have the midterm elections, where we elect a new governor, and all members of both the state and U.S. House are up for re-election. Next year, voters will get to weigh in for the first time on the governor’s aggressive public health order to combat COVID-19. In odd-numbered years like this one, we g...

  • Take elections away from politicians

    Walt Rubel, Syndicated content|Sep 29, 2021

    I remember an old poster from my college days that asked, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” That’s kind of what happened Sept. 18 in Washington D.C. Capitol Police who survived the battle on Jan. 6 were prepared for a second round. But this time nobody came. Sadly, I fear it was a reprieve, not a reversal of what has been a disturbing trend. During debate earlier this year on a bill that would have prohibited protests outside of private residences, members of the New Mexico Legislature talked about the threats they have faced. Rep....

  • Message of debate needs to change

    Walt Rubel, Syndicated content|Aug 4, 2021

    A few years ago I was scammed by callers claiming to offer a great deal on my satellite TV service. I felt bad about losing the money, but felt worse about being duped. It’s a human reaction. All of us like to think we’re too savvy to be taken in, and it stings the pride to admit it when we’re not. A few months ago, an HBO documentary exposed Ronald Watkins, a 30-something porn-addled techie living in Asia, as “Q,” the secretive mastermind behind the QAnon phenomenon. Q was supposed to be somebody in the highest reaches of the federal g...