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Religions aren't the source of human hatred

The timing, of course, was part of the intent. A gunman with a semiautomatic rifle walked into the Chabad of Poway synagogue during services Saturday morning and opened fire. It was the last day of...

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Think Tank Row logic doesn't follow

The title of a New York Times op-ed for April 23 looked ridiculous on its face: “The Best Way to Rejuvenate Rural America? Invest in Cities.” The report by Nathan Arnosti and Amy Liu did not...

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    May 1, 2019

Professional bettor changing game

You may not be aware, but our pre-primetime way of life is undergoing a big change. Jeopardy! is being transformed. Like many Americans, I’m a fan of this game show, which I like for brain teasing...


Christianize your pagan lifestyle

May Day, usually falling on May 1 (for obvious reasons) but not everywhere, is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival celebrated with dances, singing and cake. Being of pagan origin, as with m...


NMAA within rights to shut down contest

Any parent whose child competes at anything knows the feeling: the stomach-clenching anxiety, the blood-boiling righteous indignation when you feel your kid was robbed — likely outstripping the leve... Full story

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    April 24, 2019

Looking for explanation for loyalty

I should read the Mueller report but I have not. It is plain, however, that it makes President Donald Trump look too desperate in his efforts to stop Robert Mueller’s investigation, whether or not...

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    April 24, 2019

Read report; draw own conclusions

If Donald Trump wants to convince the public that the Mueller report vindicates him, he needs to keep us from reading the report ourselves. Or even part of it. Just a couple of hours of reading its...


Submit first and foremost to the Lord

Much mischief has been done through uninformed preaching about the topic of submission to authorities. Wives have been turned into bond-servants of...


Enforcement major issue with gun law

An informed observer could have spotted this showdown a mile away. Democrats took the New Mexico House of Representatives and the Governor’s Office, bolstering the majority they already had in the s...

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    April 17, 2019

Despite Assange, censorship a danger

From what I’ve seen, I really don’t like Julian Assange. He is reputedly as narcissistic as they come and apparently lived somewhat piggishly as a citizen of Ecuador in London to escape sexual...

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    April 17, 2019

Udall announcement brought out politics

Tom Udall’s announcement that he won’t seek another term as U.S. senator really brought out the politics in New Mexico. Already, two Democrats have announced they’ll seek to replace Udall, and...


March weather

This was to be my April 3 article, but I didn’t have all the necessary information to submit it before that issue’s deadline. So here it is now. March 1 was a sunny 77 degrees at Tucumcari, and...


Air safety needs to be larger bipartisan issue

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has called for an investigation into why the Federal Aviation Administration certified the Boeing 737 Max and whether the agency is getting too close to the corporations it... Full story

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    April 10, 2019

Your rainy day may be on its way

Another decade, another bubble, and then another recession, beginning either this year or next. At least that’s what some Wall Street wizards are saying. One, Robert Kessler, recently appeared on a...

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    April 10, 2019

Nothing like a good family outing

There’s nothing like a good outing to bring a family together. If you want to go on a leisurely drive to somewhere for a daytime adventure, with some wide-eyed young’uns in tow, you certainly...


Christians losing sight of biblical doctrine

Lord John Acton (1834-1902) famously wrote, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We’ve come to accept it as an axiom...


Udall's presence in delegation will be missed

It’s hard to imagine New Mexico without Tom Udall in elected office. Nearly 30 years have passed since the now-70-year-old was first voted in as New Mexico’s attorney general. He went on to win a... Full story

 By Steven Hansen    Opinion    April 3, 2019

Still too early to make conclusions

No one except William Barr and Robert Mueller, to our knowledge, has seen the Mueller report. We have seen Barr’s ultra–brief summary. Why, then, is everybody making stupendous leaps to...

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    April 3, 2019

NM leading environmental movement

When America’s youth began to rebel against the Vietnam War, it was because young men were being drafted. They were on the cutting edge of the issue, so they rose up in defiance. Something similar...


Trump, allies may celebrate a little too much

President Donald Trump and his defenders are understandably exulting now that the Justice Department has released a summary of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s principal conclusions about...

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    March 27, 2019

Better not to wait with bated breath

The report from Robert Mueller’s apparently meticulous, exhaustive investigation of who may have committed what campaign no-nos in the 2016 campaign has had the nation holding its breath for weeks... Full story

 By Tom McDonald    Opinion    March 27, 2019

Good or bad, Legislature was busy

Depending on your political persuasion, this was either the best or the worst state legislative session in a long, long time. According to nmlegis.gov, the New Mexico Legislature’s website, there...


Local pastor answers objections to God's law

When I suggest that Christians should consider the moral law of God as higher than any human law, as I did in my last column here, I routinely meet...


Time to applaud those oft-forgotten first responders

“I am a lineman for the county “And I drive the main road “Searchin’ in the sun for another overload …” — Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” They gather annually to compete for fun,... Full story

 By Steve Hansen    Opinion    March 20, 2019

Sometimes I question full objectivity

We who work in literary forms, even journalism, often become enamored with scientific principles that we systematically misapply to our own work. Two of these are the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle...


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