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It’s a shame Christmas comes only once a year


December 23, 2014

Robert Arrowsmith 2

CMI Publisher

When Sony Pictures announced it was canceling the movie “The Interview,” a whole new form of terror and blackmail opened up.

In my personal opinion, the premise for the movie looked stupid, and was not a movie I was going to, but that is not the point. What happened represented the most serious hack yet.

Not only are they blackmailing people to not have their information released, they were able to scare people into thinking they would face consequences if they do.

While you may think this is just a movie, if a terrorist organization has the ability to effectively hold a company’s information hostage, blackmail people, and effectively create enough fear to shut something down that potentially impacts millions of people, this is something that truly needs to be taken seriously. A terrorist group won a battle, and that is extremely bothersome.

I really wanted to talk about Christmas this week because it is that time of year. I have seen a terrific amount of holiday spirit, of giving back to the community, of donations to those in need, and overall good spirits in the community. I really enjoy seeing these acts of kindness, goodwill and generosity going on.


To me it’s a shame that it has to come once per year. This is my knock on Christmas. I do not need a time of year in particular, or a justification to want to give. I have never been a fan of asking my loved ones what they want for Christmas. If I truly know those that I am giving to, I don’t need to ask what they want.

Christmas to me is the time to give and receive something that you might not normally get any other time of the year. I know for so many that this is the time of giving, and for those in need a time to receive things they might not normally receive, so please do not confuse the two.

As many of you know, I am about impact, element of surprise, and frankly showing love and support year round. The love of my life and my loved ones are 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. While it is wonderful to receive a present under the tree on an expected day of giving and receiving, I have always believed it was the other days of the year when you do not expect it that shows as much if not more for the person you love.

In short I believe in showing my love what she means to me year round, when she does not expect it, and I do not ask because I know her likes, interests and desires.

I know, I know; I have a different way of thinking. The hamsters’ track runs a different direction and speed. I get that.

To the love of my life: Merry Christmas. You mean the world to me, and I continue to look forward to the many wonderful years ahead for us. It really does not matter where; just closer.

To everyone: I wish you a safe and Merry Christmas and hope Santa takes care of you this holiday season.

Robert Arrowsmith is publisher of Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:

[email protected]


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