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Love is about faith, and I have faith


February 17, 2015

Robert Arrowsmith

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CMI Publisher

I have been asked, often because I am not the most obvious about my beliefs, on how I stand on God.

My own mother has questioned my faith, how much I go to church, my practices, etc., etc.

Others in the community want to know exactly how religious I am.

So do I believe in God?

I take the stance of a young questioning child — one that keeps asking you questions until you do not know the answer, to which the most common answer becomes “you just have to believe,” or “I just do not know,” or “that is just the way it is,” or “you have to have faith that this is the case.”

I believe that no matter what you use to prove a case of the existence of something, someone, or frankly somewhere, you ask enough questions, break down the point further, and further, you ultimately get to a point where you cannot answer the question.

Who invented space? Well how did space get here?

I have to admit, I am not a ritual person. When it comes to faith, I believe in my faith my way, and not the structure, disciplines, requirements, certifications, process to acknowledge or reaffirm your faith.

While I believe in asking for the forgiveness of sins, I do not believe a person of the cloth is the person to forgive if you have not gone to the person you sinned against.

I do believe the blood of Christ at most churches is a bottle of wine, and the body of Christ is often a loaf of bread typically baked in someone’s home.

But my biggest reason to believe is simple. There is a line in the movie “Contact” where they are talking, and the following questions was presented: “Did you love your father? Prove it.”

Love is about faith. Love is about belief. Love is about feeling. Sure there is scientific suggestion such as the increasing of your heart rate around another person, or the hamsters in your head get more creative, or work at a faster pace, but ultimately love is about faith, and a feeling, instinct, intuition; whatever you may want to call it, and there is no scientific way to describe that.

So do I believe in God? I have faith. And ultimately you get to that question in the universe that I cannot answer other than to believe it just be the case.

Robert Arrowsmith is publisher of Clovis Media Inc. Contact him at:

[email protected]


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