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Comments from the Canyons: Hard to adjust to time change

One more time, we have done as told and turned back our clocks in order to create confusion. We will now be on standard time just long enough to begin to get used to it before returning to daylight... Full story


Comments from the Canyons: College memories remain pleasant

Last weekend was a great one for this old Aggie. One more time I drove to Las Cruces to attend homecoming at New Mexico State University — my 57th — and to visit with some friends. Of course, my...


Comments from the Canyons: Buildings help make history vibrant

Recently, a group of us talked about the various schools we had here in town and decided that we have to rely on our memories for some of those which were most important to us. As beginners, those of... Full story


Old friend's humor still strong

Pat Schoonover Shockley of Liberal, Kan., called last week to do a little visiting and to catch up on some news of her hometown. She and John, her husband, graduated from THS in 1950 and have...


Brother's friend was childhood hero

Last week was made special by a visit with Roy Penix and his wife, Rita, of Linden, Utah. Roy was one of my brother's best friends and most definitely was a hero of mine. He moved to Tucumcari with...


Moncus: Traveling by train still preferred

The phone rang bright and early Sunday morning and Mickey Page got my attention by saying she was calling from a dining car as she wended her way to the Midwest via train. She knew she would cause a...


We all deserve our titles

Last week, several of us in the over-the-hill gang discussed manners, especially the ones we were taught in our childhoods. We recalled the importance our parents and teachers placed on our polite...


Ima better for Shoemaker's presence

Last week, the Ima community lost an outstanding member: Hazel Shoemaker. Funeral services were held for her in Clovis, a family meal was held in House at noon, and graveside services were then held...


Comments from the Canyons: Correct grammar still important

During the many years in which I taught English, I worked hard to avoid making grammatical errors in order to set an example for the students and to avoid ridicule from my colleagues. I also paid...


Comments from the Canyons: County fairs remain important

Let's thank all those people who participated in the Quay County Fair. Their efforts and talents are most definitely appreciated. Although the drought adversely affected the produce exhibits, we did...


Comments from the Canyons: Exhibit features Rattler spirit

If you didn't have time during Rattler Reunion to visit the special Rattler Exhibit at Tucumcari Historical Museum, you still have until the end of the month to enjoy it. Thanks to Elizabeth Morris,... Full story


Comments from the Canyons: Meeting former students, classmates touching

Thanks to the Rattler Alumni Board of Directors and the many people who helped them, we had one more great Rattler Reunion! Seeing so many classmates, friends, and former students was a major thrill f... Full story


Comments from the Canyons: Reunion offers chance to relive memories

Welcome home, Rattler alumni! This first weekend in August has been a special time for 50 years as we have celebrated our education from the Tucumcari Public Schools. From many parts of the world,...


Comments from the Canyons: Dog will only write for own amusement

Several of you have asked about the black lab, Priscilla Alden, who came to live on this corner last August. You have even asked if she is going to write some of these columns as did her predecessor,...


Moncus: Hard to give up writing letters by hand

Through the years, we have visited much about writing letters as well as the joy of receiving such missives. Although such correspondence has been taken over by various electronic inventions, some of...


Comments from the Canyons: Reunion annual offers memories of high school years

Shortly after receiving THE GOLDEN RATTLER DIRECTORY, the Rattler Alumni received the TUCUMCARI HIGH SCHOOL 2012 RATTLER REUNION ANNUAL. Its colorful cover lets us know that the Class of 1982 will be... Full story


Moncus: Former students still kids to me

We Golden Rattlers have now received our "2012 Golden Rattler Directory" and have gone through it carefully searching for names of old friends. Although many of them are missing, some of them may...


Being remembered by former students a treat

Last week, I mentioned I had been a graduate assistant at New Mexico State University in 1963. At the same time, I taught a class in American history at Madonna High School, a Catholic girls school in... Full story


Moncus: Letter takes writer on sentimental journey

While Janie Stith and her relatives were going through items left to them by Mrs. Sue Tucek, they found a letter I had written to Mrs. Tucek in 1952. As a graduating senior, I was applying for a... Full story


Comments from the canyons: Canyons rich with 'pretty rocks'

We often visit about the beauty of our county, especially about the plants, flowers, and trees. That does not mean we don't appreciate the beauty of that which lies beneath that growth: dirt, rocks, f...


Hope children rediscover fun of playing outside

Last week while driving around town, I nearly wrecked the car when I saw a couple of young children playing softball on a vacant lot. The ball and bat were much in use, and a lot of running was going...


Tragedy brings people together

Those of us who live in rural areas suffer much when any of our friends are hurting. This past week, when the Tucumcari Animal Hospital was burned, and 50 helpless animals were killed, we became more...


Graduation frightening, exciting

This is a special time for the graduating seniors in our town and county. It is both a happy and a frightening time, one filled with decisions and much planning. For some of us in this over-the-hill... Full story


Rain can brighten day

Last week, Elizabeth Morris asked if I would like to do something special on Sunday. Well, of course, I thought of a trip to lma, and she seemed to be willing to ride along with Prissy and me. Little...


Life in small town most rewarding

Some people think that life in a small town or in a rural area is rather dull. Well, those people should try to live this live life to learn that it is anything but dull. Instead it is most... Full story


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